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RE: Cr-51 counting


	I beg to differ - I easily get 30% efficiency with a LSC (with no color/chemical quenching) counting Cr-51...


At 12:16 PM 4/28/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I don't know if anyone answered your question on Cr-51 counting but we do
>use a lot of this gamma isotope (320 KeV, 9.8 %) and the best way to count
>any smear or samples is the gamma (well) counter . As far as practical
>issues (contamination monitoring after experiement), we do also use a
>NaI/PVT portable counter that works with efficiencies of at least 20 %. I
>never tested Cr-51 in a LSC counter but I'm sure you would be able to detect
>something but not as much as the well counter.
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>> From: 	Knapp, Timothy M.
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>> Subject: 	Cr-51 counting
>> Greetings all,
>> Looking for opinions on the "best" way to detect Cr-51 on smears and as a
>> liquid sample, both with handheld instruments and bench top instruments
>> (LSC
>> and Gamma counter)? I'm looking, specifically, for any thoughts on self
>> attenuation within these types of samples and how that may affect
>> counting.
>> Any input would be appreciated.
>> Standard disclaimers as usual
>> Thanks
>> Tim Knapp

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