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RE: Static eliminator in copy machines

Last I knew, some of the large laboratory supply companies (e.g. Fisher,
Sigma) sell Po-210 static supressors for lab use.  Don't know if these are
the ones you're seeking, though.

Configurations I've seen include flat "strips" for microgram balances and
the like, and small brushes for clearing dust and debris from electronic
and analytical equipment.  Both types had the Po-210 plated onto an inert
metal strip and enclosed in a wire mesh cage to prevent direct contact.
They were sold as exempt quantities/generally licensed material, but they
easily made survey meters scream from several inches away.  I always
wondered how durable the plating process would be in the face of strong
chemicals, or if the Po-210 would come off under acids and bases...


>You are correct, Tom.  I was referring to the usual office-sized machines.
> Po-210 is the static eliminator of choice for very many applications.
> Does anyone know who supplies P0-210 static eliminators other than NRD in
>Grand Island, NY?  I believe that 3M discontinued their line.
>Joe Alvarez

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