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Detection of alpha particles by polycarbonate films

e try to detect alpha particles from contaminated soil samples using
different plastic films. Does anybody have an experience in alpha
Can I distinguish tracks made by 4 and 7 Mev alphas just measuring
and then conducting statistical test? I can provide with pictures of
my tracks by request, they are small 40K JPEG files. May be, somebody
leftover pieces of
plastic being used for this purpose like CR39, Lexan, Nucleopore
or of any other brand names. I would appreciate if somebody would
 share his/her leftovers to give a boost to this project.
How different are these different types and brandnames? Are any
 of them sensitive to neutrons?
I would greatly appreciate any response.
Oleg G Povetko
Oregon State University
E-mail: povetkoo@ucs.orst.edu

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