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Public Comment - DOE - Pu for Space Use


You may wish to comment on the following EIS.  (I must say that
I have received this information, but not verified it)

A Notice Of Intent has been published.  The DOE intends to prepare
an Environmental Impact Statment (EIS) for the proposed production
of Pu-238 for use in Advanced Radisotope Power Systems for future 
pace missions (DOE/EIS-299).

Information was published in 63 FR 53398, 5 October 1998.

The public comment period began 5 October and will continue
untill 4 November.

DOE contact is:

Colette Brown, Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology
19901 Germantown Road
Germantown, MD 20874

Telephone: 301-903-6924
FAX: 301-903-1510

Email: Colette.Brown@HQ.DOE.GOV

You may call 1-800-708-2680 and leave a verbal message.

Those of us that believe that Pu-238 is not the hazard some
claim it to be and also believe that it should be made available
for the space program should comment on this matter to DOE.
Those who oppose the use of Pu in space are already geared up
to fight the project.

Anyone with spots errors in the above information, please
post a correction.

Jesse Coleman
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