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Re: IAEA Mururoa Study

Dear Franz,

        Thank you for the correction. By the way I will be from 08/12
February in a Consultant Meeting on Radiological Emergency at the IAEA.
Probably we can have 
lunch? -

J. J. Rozental

At 03:47 PM 1/8/99 -0600, you wrote:
>At 13:25 07.01.1999 -0600, J.J. Rozental wrote:
>>You can find the complete Study at the IAEA Site:
>No, sorry, what you can find under this given site is only press releases,
>organisational matters and reports to the General Conference. The whole
>report would be much to long to be downloadable. You can find more
>information like the ISBN on the site
>www.iaea.org/worldatom/publications/98pubs/env98.html. I do not want to
>attach the contents because one should never use attachments  in mailings
>to a newsgroup, because of risk to distribute virusses.
>The Main Report includes the Executive Summary and a Reply Card for which
>the six volumes of the Technical Report will be sent at no extra costs. The
>data for the Main Report are STI/PUB/1028 (282 pp.; 132 figures, 1998)
>English edition E ISBN 92-0-101198-9, French edition F ISBN 92-0-203498-2,
>costs 1 200 Austrian Schillings (about 100 US$). 

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