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I invoke Godwin's Law, in that Paolo Scampa makes a Reductio ad Hitlerum argument, and is therefore not merely a loser in general, but THE loser in this particular discussion.

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This guy is saying that both Krypton-85 and Iodine-129, already released by current nuclear power plants, and that will be released in the future with the new plants is like some "non-smelling Auschwitz being built".

I hope my translation is understandable. My English is a bit rusty.

That's just another way to attract people's attention, as usual with ANTI that want to be read...

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I don't have my French dictionary handy - This individual, who is Vice President of the Association Internationale pour la Protection contra des Rayons Ionisants, seems to be equating Krypton 85 emissions with Auschwitz - that seems a bit bizarre


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Le Kr85.  C'est pas follicon. 179 millions de doses létales de Kr85 par an qu'elles relachent les centrales du monde. Avec leurs coefficients de doses officiels et bidonnés au rabis. Selon eux pour flinguer votre  voisin au
Kr85 vous devez en mettre pour 6,14 Curie !  Evitez une telle dose c'est le quartier qui risque !

Paolo Scampa

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