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The real concern in that area of the world is many of those currently in TRUE power survived the 1980-1988 Iran/Iraq war and brought with them a particular kind of mentality. In those days, those fighting for Iran needed weapons; so the leadership enlisted the help of any volunteer (young men, old men, women, and even children). They handed these folks their weapons: a red sash for their forehead and a Koran. These individuals rushed armed Iraqi positions to physically take Iraqi weapons. These are the same folks who are in true power over Iran. They are known as the Besiege (spelling?). This is the current mentality the US (yes and all of Europe) has to address. The same kind of 'personality' existed with the Japanese during WWII. 

This being the current state of affairs in Iran (and possibly other Arab nations), means that more reasonable, moderate individuals will not assume power anytime soon. Unless a well orchestrated "coupe d'état" occurs, It could be generations before these individuals could control this region of the world and thereby affect 'change.' 

So where does this leave the rest of the free world?  Unilaterally disarm and hope these folks will do the same? I hope not. Peace through strength will always work with oppressive aggressors. 

John Dixon 

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Regarding Iran, I share the concerns their leadership is a dire threat,
and need to be dealt with severely before they ever unleash a nuke.

However, I'm cautious not to demonize the whole population there.

Many of the citizens there are clearly not in lock-step with their Arab
neighbors in hatred of Israel or USA. Many consider themselves to
be Persians, not Arabs, nor are most even Sunni Muslims, like the
Arabs from Saudi Arabia who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.

More enlightening, after 9/11, many students there, numbering in
the tens of thousands, alone, amongst all Islamic nations, under
threat and intimidation by their govt literally beating them off the
streets repeatedly, held candlelight vigils in sympathy for the 9/11
victims in Tehran and elsewhere in Iran. Quite the contrast, when
compared to the jubilation expressed amongst Arab nations then.


Just saying, if/when Iranian nuke facilities get attacked, I hope the
'collateral damage' does not radicalize those allies we have there
amongst the younger, and next generation of, Iranians coming up.

Shane Connor
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