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A while back there were a whole series of presentations on wierd contamination phenonon.  Someone gave a paper how the heart stress-test drugs given to the man increase in spouses during, ahem - how should I say this - marital relations.  Since you are not married to her it should be no problem, especially of course if you are religeous.  :o)  An HP who did a talk at that meeting was I think named Dr. Richard Brake of LANL, but his talk was on a plutonium contamination case.

Perhaps the best thing would be for her to tell the Rad Group at the lab that she is in contact with someone who has had these tests and ask them for their nput.  Secondary contamination may create all sorts of extra work for the HP group.

Hope you passed the tests.

Barbara Reider, CHP 

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Dear Group:
Yesterday I received both Tl-201 & Tc-99m as a intravenous cocktail during a
ardiac stress test.  The dose was 3 mCi Tl-201 and 20 mCi "Cardiolite"
c-99m for imaging.  By the time I got home, I was quite radioactive, with
y Ludlum Model 19 measuring 5000 uR/Hr at a distance of 4 meters.
ccording to the information that I received, the test amounts to a 3.45 REM
otal effective dose.
Should I be avoiding my girlfriend for the next week or two?  She works at
os Alamos and I don't want to "contaminate" her.
The good news is that no problems were found!
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