[ RadSafe ] Medical x-ray vs. CAT scan

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Dear Chris & Joel:

As one of my orthopedic surgeons explained, the locus of a fracture
undergoes several changes over time that make it more visible with a normal
x-ray. The plane of the fracture tends to demineralize and the adjacent bone
tissue forms a denser callus giving more of a signature on x-ray. This
process takes a few days. From personal experience, I've never had a
fractured rib diagnosed on the first x-ray (except for a dislocated
fracture), but they could be easily seen after several days.

Dan ii

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The doc likely could not tell that he would need a CAT scan, until he saw
the radiography.


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My wife recently had an x-ray; they were looking for a bone fracture.  The
Dr. wasn't happy with the x-ray and ordered a CAT scan.  Is there any reason
why drs. don't skip the standard "film" and go right to the CAT scan, if
they suspect they need the extra resolution?  Do they have to show that the
film isn't adequate first?  I know the film exposure is low, but if there's
no benefit...

Joel I. Cehn, CHP

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