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To all RADSAFErs who do not speak either German or Swedish:

"Gurke? Nein danke!" is German and means "Cucumber? No thank you!" This sentence is really brilliant because it refers to stickers and buttons spread everywhere in Europe (in different languages) in the seventies and eighties saying "Nuclear power? No thank you!".

The background is the following: Since the Fukushima events cannot raise any more the adrenalin level of consumers of mass media there had to be a new enhancer found. This is now the "Spanish cucumber". They were without any known facts made responsible for containing certain bacteria, which can be deadly for weak persons and actually there were cases of death in Northern Germany The authorities have tested now two or three cucumbers (what an excellent statistic!) and found some Escherichia colii of course, but not the dangerous variation! Now the average people are afraid of consuming not only vegetables from Spain, but from everywhere and the industry is suffering terrible losses. According to newspapers the consumption of vegetables has gone down in Austria by 78 %. BTW the Spanish vegetables have been declared to have been grown " biologically". This part of the industry (yes it is in fact an industry!) suffers even higher losses. I found in one Austrian newspaper the term "Killer Cucumber".

Looking at the behaviour of people I have certain suspicions on the value of "democracy" - one person, one vote. 

Hope this helps to understand the background.

Best regards,


---- Bjorn Cedervall <bcradsafers at hotmail.com> schrieb:
> This button was created last night?
> http://www.knappfabriken.se/index.php?page=knapp&id=32101
> No one seems to have died from acute radiation effects following the Fukushima events.
> 14 people (?) this far have died from the cucumbers...
> Note that you can vote on the button if you wish to do so.
> My personal initiative only,
> Bjorn Cedervall   bcradsafers at hotmail.com
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