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I would hazard to guess that it also contains all of the other natural progeny of the Uranium decay series which at 30% of 490 Bq/kg those concentrations are not significant. The 'Radium' bearing minerals pictured appear to be some form of metamorphic rock and exempt source material. There are many natural products with activities of 13 pCi/g - or 4.3 pCi/g of U-nat (just about everywhere is Kerala). I'm not sure there is anything other than dubious health claims here which have obviously been poorly translated. My favorite is the fat solubility of the emanation Rn-222 which of course is inert. I could imagine many porcelain bath tub glazes with similar activities.

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I was  under the impression that use of radium has been stopped completely. I 
received a query regarding the safety of a product, made in China. The company 
is cashing on benefits perceived by the user.

Details about the radium ball is available at the following URL:


It appears that the ball contains radium containing mineral at specific activity 
of 490Bq/kg.

Can any one conversant with this product advise me on the "health physics" of 

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