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Tue Feb 7 00:49:57 CST 2012

        Dapra's poking me in the ribs,  isn't he???  How cool.
        Jersey is now quite suburban and  urban.  The last vestiges of 
countryside here are being
bought up by Real Estate developers.  Some land is being  conserved.
        As you drive by Linden, NJ you  can smell the refineries, where the 
work of refining oil
is being done.  If you drive a bit into New York state (Staten  Island) you 
can see some pretty
big landfills.
        Maybe they'll build a natural  gas pipeline someday from 
Pennsylvania to New Jersey.
        New Jersey is geologically  diverse ----  sand units and Pine 
Barrens in the Southeastern
part of the state.  Maybe the New Jersey devil still lurks in the pine  
barrens --- legend has it the creature comes out just before times of war.   
Now would be an opportune time...
        Rocks in the center of New  Jersey are shales and slates and clays, 
        In the Northern part of New  Jersey, there are hard rocks.  The 
northeastern part of the state 
doesn't drain well, and there is seasonal flooding.  Ouch.
        The Pocono Mountains are west of  New Jersey.  One can probably buy 
a home there cheaply now.
Maybe if one is lucky, the Natural gas bearing rock unit (Marcellus) will  
be under your property.
Philadelphia and New York City are next to New Jersey.  How  cool.
         New Jersey beaches are  quite nice, and warm in July and August.  
The water isn't 
quite Caribbean quality, but it is much clearer than 20 years ago.
         New Jersey, Rutgers,  Princeton U., Bell Labs, Institute for 
Advanced Study.,RCA Labs,
Lockheed Martin, Menlo Park (Edison invented the light bulb here, as well  
as motion pictures,
record players, etc.) are NJ.  Discoveries at Rutgers of  Streptomycin and 
other antibiotics, caused the 
growth of the Pharmaceutical Industry here.
        Fresh Water and Ocean shark  attacks killed some people here around 
1916 or so, about
6 years after the peak (1910) in Earth polar motion (probably the ocean was 
 quite warm then).
People continue to do SUN and FUN at the Jersey shore.  Yeah, we  talk a 
little funny here.
        I suspect Hiroshima and Nagasaki  had to do with radiation/health 
physics, especially
after those bombs were dropped on Japan.  Some of the old time Health  
Physicists may still
remember studying the effects of radiation on the people there and in the  
Marshall Islands etc.
Let's hope events in Israel/Iran and elsewhere don't cause us to  do more 
such health physics 
       Perhaps one should watch the movie WAR  GAMES to see some idea about 
nuclear attack
simulation and the futility of any nuclear exchange.
       Thanks for the ribbing, Mr.  Dapra.  It let's me know I'm still 
alive.  Have a good week.
       Regards,    Joseph R.  (Joe) Preisig, PhD
                         (MS, Rutgers Radiation Science/Health Physics)
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sjd at swcp.com writes:

Feb.  6

In the exceptionally unlikely event  that Iran were to get 
into a war with Israel why would it nuke New  Jersey?  Jersey's 
already a bit of wasteland anyway, isn't  it?

Steven Dapra

At 11:09 AM 2/6/2012, you  wrote:
>Dear Ahmad,
>      Thanks for the  article reference.  I assure  you that I have no
>interest in  having such a nuclear exchange occur.
>      As  for this all being a political issue, I am a  bit bothered by  
>statement.  Here in New Jersey
>are US government  facilities like Fort Dix, Lakehurst, Picatinny Arsenal,
>Lockheed  Martin,
>Singer/Kearfott, Fort Monmouth, etc.  If some person in  Iran launches  a
>nuclear tipped rocket
>6000 km, and is a  bit off target, then my home in Mercerville, New Jersey
>would be  gone.
>And perhaps I would be vaporized or worse.  I really don't  view  this as a
>political issue.
>     Again, thank you for your continued postings  to  radsafe.
>      Regards,    Joseph R.  (Joe)  Preisig,  PhD


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