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You may remember that I was not always happy with your steering of RADSAFE, but you might also remember that I always accepted your decisions, even the "monitoring" I did not think justified. 

B U T, you are the list owner, which means that you are the link between the participants -nothing more. I do not understand, how you could be held accountable for private opinions, which btw are discussed openly between members of the list.   

I remember that for some time half of the contributions (if not more) came from addresses with "mil". Are they behind the attacks? So again - what about the "international list"? I criticised already, that this list becomes more and more a national US list. It sometimes seems that I am only tolerated on it with my critical comments........

Well, Jeff we at RADSAFE do not know the details of this threat, but I suppose that the overwhelming majority supports you. Please forward such threats to the list and I think the members will rebuke them. I sure will. 

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---- Jeff Terry <terryj at iit.edu> schrieb:
> Hi All, 
> Please remember that the RadSafe Rules clearly state:
> Think before you type. It is not list policy to remove posts from the archive. If you wrote something you should not have, apologize to the appropriate parties.
> I am getting tired of the lawsuit threats, etc. that come with running this list. I have been the host now for over two years and it may be rapidly approaching time to pass it along to someone else. Preferably, in a land where it is far more difficult to institute a lawsuit.
> Jeff
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