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Good Afternoon,

One inconvenient fact; 70 million years ago carbon dioxide levels were about
6,000 ppm.  The earth did not change into a "hot house" planet like Venus.
Life is still very sustainable.  So what if the global temperature is
rising.  Go look at number for human generated carbon dioxide emissions and
divide it my the mass of the atmosphere. You come out with a number in the
range of 20 ppm.  (I triple dare you).  This simple exercise does not square
with the doom and gloom predictions.  Can someone please tell the truth for

Now about Yucca Mountain.  Placing spent fuel bundles underground is indeed
safe.  The problem is that 50% of each bundle is useable fuel.  That has to
do with the way nuclear reactors work.  (No, the used fuel stored in Yucca
Mountain can't go critical; wrong geometry for one thing.)  So, my big
objection to Yucca Mountain is that we are throwing away billions of dollars
of perfectly good fuel.  The United Stated should be reprocessing all of
that fuel.  Proliferation of nuclear weapons is a pure bullshit argument.
The United States already is a nuclear power.  By reprocessing the used
fuel, we would be turning in into a useable product and the radioactive
material left could easily be made into compact, easily disposed packages.
Ultimately, the radioactive waste could be transmuted into very short lived
radioactive materials that decay to inert materials in a very short time.
DOE is working on transmutation.  Its really an engineering problem having
to do with getting costs down so that is competitive with burial.  Our
problems with using nuclear energy to make electricity has more to do with
politics and flawed thinking than anything else.  The accident at Fukushima
was about as bad as it can get.  Number of deaths from radiation: ZERO.
Yes, I am including the hypothetical cancer deaths from the low radiation
levels outside the plant.  I want to see the bodies with the toe tags that
say, "Died from radiation induced cancer due the Fukushima nuclear
accident."  No one will be able to do that, because that are not there and
won't be.


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Thanks for some rational thought Susan.   I always wonder about those who
accept computer models showing the safety of Yucca Mountain and reject the
computer models showing climate change.  Ya can't have your cake and eat it
too . . . .   Eric Goldin, CHP

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How many of these scientists are CLIMATE scientists?

Think about how many scientists with the Union of Concerned Scientists are
convinced that nuclear power can never be safe, that any level of radiation
exposure will cause cancer, etc.

Scientists taking positions outside of their field are not much better at
judging the pertinent technical issues than the informed lay person.
Moreover, they are not immune from having political and social agendas

And if you reject global warming, I can send numerous links that
demonstrate the accelerated melting of mountain glaciers, ice caps, and sea
ice over the past 40 or so years.

**Susan Gawarecki*

ph: 865-494-0102
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Howard Long wrote:

"Edward Teller leads our 32,000 scientists, at www.petitionproject.org
with conclusive data backing REJECTION  of the selective, global tax hoax
of global cooling, global warming or climate change."

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