[ RadSafe ] Cancer and birth defects in Iraq: the nuclear legacy

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Have you tried the USTUR website at www.ustur.wsu.edu?


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> Steve, you got farther than me. When I got to the statement you quoted
> about other effects besides cancer I skimmed the rest.  I was looking (in
> vain it turned out) for some mention of bio-assay results indicating the
> uranium levels in the victims' bodies.
> This article is an un-serious piece of work.
> Clayton Bradt
> Principal Radiophysicist
> NYS Dept. of Health
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> May 22
>          This assessment of cancer in Iraq was published in Medicine,
> Conflict, and Survival (MCS); which is an official journal of Medact,
> and IPPNW (the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War).
>          Wikipedia link to Medact:
> (link removed)
>          Wikipedia link to IPPNW:
> (link removed)
>          I read about two-thirds of the MCS article and skimmed the
> balance of it.  I found it to be a somewhat jumbled mess.  Increases
> in cancer are noted, and then tacitly attributed to depleted
> uranium.  And DU doesn't merely cause cancer:  "The fine Uranium
> particles damages the neuromuscular system and the nerves, and there
> is no treatment for it. Uranium impacts on dental health, resulting
> in the crumbling of the teeth."
>          And so it goes.  I would not give the MCS article a whole
> lot of credence.
> Steven Dapra
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