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We measured the field from our calibration source with a 1 L ion chamber
connected to a PTW electrometer.  This instrument had been calibrated by a
secondary standard laboratory and their source (or instrument) was compared
to the national standard maintained by NIST in the U.S.  You may want to
consult ANSI Standard N323A-1997 or the ISO equivalent.  But, what does this
have to do with global warming?

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Can somebody point me to a good (readable) description of the rad monitor
calibration process.
What, I need is something that provides a description of how the process
proceeds, as in:

primary calibration => secondary calibration=> tertiary/transfer calibration

Basically our group performs radiation (source) transport,  sensitivity and
setpoint calculations, but we're just now being asked to answer questions
related to calibration.  I expect that they can/should be referred back to
the vendor, but still, we should have a reasonable understanding of what's
being asked. (We've got a fair amount of "water cooler" information, but
nothing truly complete.) Thx in advance  - - jmr

John Rich
Sargent & Lundy llc
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