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Re: P-32 Film Results


This is a good start and we have through October if necessary to get it

right (though if it goes fast we could try to get in the chapter for that

IOP book by July).  Have a good trip!


"Michael Stabin" <michael.g.stabin@vanderbilt.edu> on 04/27/2001 05:21:39


To:   <Dennis.Duggan@mcmail.vanderbilt.edu>


Subject:  Re: P-32 Film Results

Dennis -

Here is the first comparison of the P-32 measured data with the calculated

results. Overall, reasonable agreement, although not excellent. Probably

refinements of the model are in order. The Pd results are not in the same

ballpark, probably due to my assumptions about the source being buried in

the metal. We can look into changing that before I do more calculations.

Unfortunately, I leave on Monday noon for 10 days in Europe. Monday morning

will not be too conducive to new investigations, probably just rushed

getting out of town. So another stall in the progress, I'm afraid. I'll get

in touch again when I return, and we'll forge ahead.


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