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Re: Dual Radionuclide Stress Test

The test you are referring to is a myocardial perfusion study.  The two compounds are Cardiolite(r) a Tc-99m-labeled compound (or its competitor, Tc-99m tetrafosmin or Myoview), and Tl-201 (as thallous chloride).  The two compounds are commonly used in sequence to measure the blood flow to the heart wall under resting and stressed conditions respectively.  The mismatch between the two indicates the presence of flow limitations to specific portions of the heart muscle.  For more information, look at www.cardiolite.com.  Cardiolite is a product of Bristol-Myers Squibb Medical Imaging.  Myoview is a product of Amersham Health and distributed in the US by the Malinckrodt Imaging unit of Tyco Healthcare.  Tl-201 is available from all three companies, I believe.
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 15:07:53 -0700
From: "Tom O'Dou" 
Subject: Dual Radionuclide Stress Test

A friend asked me about a dual radionuclide stress test.  He said some
previous tests had identified an enlarged heart muscle.  Does anyone have
any information on this test like - what it is - what radionuclides are
used - how the test is done - and what data is provided to determine what?

Tom O'Dou, CHP, RRPT

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