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Re: Standards for Consequence Assessment Calculations

Mr. Hardeman,

The NRC maintains a series of Regulatory Guides, e.g. R.G. 1.3, 1.4,

et.al. (in general, see the "1.xx" series of Regulatory Guides) which

provide standards for the conduct of design basis accident radiological

consequence evaluations from nuclear power facilities. Atmospheric

dispesion parameters are also addressed in some of these Guides, and if

I recall correctly there may also be one Guide specifically relating to

atmospheric dispersion and the evaluation of normal operating releases.

Further, NUREG-0800, generally known as the 'Standard Review Plan'

provides an enhanced NRC interpretation of Regulatory Guides which are

used in the evaluation of design basis accidents as required in a

nuclear power facility's Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR).

Hope the above information will provide a reasonable starting point.


David Matchick

> Colleagues 


> Does anybody know of any standards (ANS, ANSI, etc.) for the

> performance of offsite radiological consequence calculations,

> particularly atmospheric dispersion calculations?


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