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RE: Dirty Bombs


This has been out there for a time, and was presented to Congress.  (You

know how knowledgeable they are on scientific issues.)  

The estimates of death is based on EPA estimates on cancer deaths.  To their

credit, the FAES admits to this.  They do bring up the issue that if a

radiological bomb is used (not necessary the case studies they evaluated)

we, as a society, will have to look at issues such as immediate response to

evaluate and clean up.  Personally, I do not think a radiological bomb is

that credable of a threat.  I would expect to see a plain, old fashion car


-- John 

John P. Jacobus, MS 

Certified Health Physicist 

e-mail:  jenday1@msn.com 

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Has anyone looked into the dirty bomb scenarios given on the FAS Web at this



The calculations are not documented (methodology/models?) and they violate

all of my intuitions. The language is inflammatory, and the results appear

quite exaggerated. Have any of you done any recent calculations we could use

for comparison? All opinions appreciated!  Ed Battle


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