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RE: Stakeholders

>Definition of "Stakeholder":  Anyone who has an opinion

And opinions are like armpits - everyone has a couple and they usually

stink. Yucca is not politicized at the national level in this election.

It was more nationally political during Clinton's time, as he fought it

in the administration and the courts when he could. The governor of

Nevada, thinking mostly about keeping gambling tourism up, nothing

really to do with the health and welfare of the citizens, has

politicized it. And it may be in discussion with the state pols, I

haven't heard until just now. It is a shame when a truly dangerous

situation, namely overloaded quantities of spent fuel on power plant

sites, is allowed to continue, instead of a solution that is pretty well

accepted as sound from an engineering and scientific standpoint. This is

truly political, I agree. But all of radiation protection is not so

political; most of where we sit today is based on a century of

maturation of our thinking, with purely political concerns sometimes

imposing an additional constraint.


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