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Re: Dose Rates from Patients -Reply -Reply

I agree with Keith Brown - the regulation says:

  "... an area, accessible to individuals, in which radiation levels 
could result in an individual receiving a dose equivalent in excess on 
0.1 rem in 1 hour at 30 cm ..."

The operative word is could.  The physician could be exposed.  Therefore 
it is a high radiation area.

Bill Pitchford wrote:
> If an individual is in an area with a rate of 101 mr/hr for 45 seconds
> there is a vast difference between that and 101 mr/hr for 45 minutes, but
> if those individuals spend no other time in that area in any one hour,
> they still do not enter a "high radiation area" per the regulations.
> How often do practitioners spend major portions of hours in proximity to
> a given patient ? This is a still abbreviated explanation of my
> previous statement.-- 
Kent Lambert, CHP

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