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Re: Commercial Uses of Pm-147

I don't believe  anyone has mentioned that Pm-147 has been employed in
the starters for compact fluorescent lights. The package for the GE
Energy Choice Compax Light Globe I have states that the starter employs
50 nanocuries of Pm-147.  Nevertheless, this is substantially less than
the microcurie quantities found in the lab.

As was mentioned earlier, a misidentification of the nuclide might have
happened. Just a possibility worth mentioning - no offense intended.
If indeed there are microcurie quantities, an ID of Pm-147 could be
attempted by gamma spectroscopy.  Pm-147  emits a gamma at 121.26
keV.  Its intensity is so low  (0.00285%) that the gamma is often omitted
when decay data on Pm-147 is listed.  But with microcurie quantities, it
should be fairly easy to spot.

Paul Frame
Professional Training Programs