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Re: Sanctions for Late Film Badges?

Mary Beth Taormina wrote:
>Does your facility/institution have disciplinary action for individuals who
>don't return their film badges (either not on time or not at all)?  We're
>thinking about instituting a more specific policy that would allow
>disciplinary action against individuals, especially those who are chronic
>"late returners."

At the University of California, Irvine, we make an effort to contact the
individual and/or P.I. to encourage return.  If this doesn't work, we use a
fee for late and/or lost badges, recharged to the P.I. (who is the
responsible person).  Our current fees are $10.00 for a late badge, and
$25.00 for a lost badge.  We consider a badge automatically lost after 3
months.  Our department has to get the fees approved by the recharge
committee each year, but they have been sympathetic to the need to get the
badges analyzed in a timely manner.  Other Univ. of California campus use
this method, also.  I know of one campus that charges $60.00 each for late
and lost badges.

>Also, we are in the process of revising some of our policies regarding
>absences by laboratory principle investigators (i.e., how much time can
>elapse before another authorized person must be named, etc.?).  Does your
>facility/institution have a specific policy on this issue?

For short term absences, we rely on an alternate individual who is named by
the P.I. when we issue a new or renewal radiation use authorization.  For
longer absences, we try to get the P.I. to name a colleague as "temporary
P.I."  As you know, they sometimes take off without bothering to notify us.
We can usually work around this lack of cooperation, however by, for
example, asking the department chair to name a temporary P.I.

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