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The Facts About Enrollment for VA Health Care

Hi all. 

This is hopefully the last we need to hear about this and I hope this is 
not a repeat message. I beg the indulgence of the radsafe community but 
those of us who are vets appreciate the use of this forum. The VA has a 
web site for:

"Setting the Record Straight:  The Facts About Enrollment  for VA Health 

and I quote:
 "Specifically, misinformation has led some veterans to wonder whether 
they will lose their
   eligibility for VA health-care services if they are not enrolled at VA 
by October 1, 1998. The answer is
   NO, they will not lose their eligibility, but in most cases, they do 
need to apply for enrollment by
   contacting their nearest VA medical center."

Please pass this along to other vet friends. 

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