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Job Opening in Upstate NY

Jr. or Sr. permanent position is available at Nine Mile Point doing accident
analysis in engineering services department.  A brief description follows.

Please contact me at maplesc@nimo.com if you qualify and are interested.

BS degree or higher in Health Physics or Nuclear Engineering or equivalent.
Ability to prepare radiological, radiochemistry, and chemistry evaluations and
calculations.  Good verbal and written communication skills.  Demonstrated
leadership and team skills and be self-sustaining.  Experience in accident
analysis preferred.


    Perform assessment of conformance of nuclear plant operating and design
               changes/anomalies against radiological licensing/design bases and
related regulations.
    Prepare/check Radiological design calculations.
    Provide ALARA design input to other disciplines.
    Evaluate radiological and chemical control room habitability.
    Perform duties associated with the Off-site Dose Calculation Manual.
    Prepare/check Semi-annual Radiological Effluent Release Report.
    Prepare/check Safety Evaluations.
    Perform the above duties in accordance with applicable procedures,
regulatory and industry  documents.
    Radiation monitoring setpoint determination.