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Re: hot new jeans

Stopdclok News, (Ft.Worth) Sat. Sept 23, 2002  Levi Straus is coming out with a

new line of 501 Jeans for boomers, they are call 401K jeans and are ripped to



Maury Siskel           maury@webtexas.com


"Stabin, Michael G" wrote:

> The Times (London), Fri, Sept 13, 2002: The American jeans company Levi Strauss

> yesterday denied that its new trousers fitted with "anti-radiation" pockets for

> mobile phones played on consumer fears. Cedric Jungpeter, European

> communications manager for Levi's said: "We're not implying in any way that

> mobile phones are dangerous. Our intention is not to cash in on

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