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Re: TFP update article, E Magazine; replies to all

On 16 Sep 2002 at 20:04, Richard L. Hess wrote:

> However, is 70 curies a large amount of radiation to 

> be released and spread across a wide area? 

The number of curies released is a relative emission. The real question to be asked and 

answered is how did the 70 curies relate to the allowable emission from the plant(s). 

One method the anti-nukes like to use is they relate to all of the releases from a plant. 

I'm surprised that they don't refer to the releases in millicuries, to get a bigger jolt from 

the public. What they never mention in the same news release or public statements is 

that there are government regulated allowable releases, established with risk statistics, 

very conservatively.


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